CIC Rhinoskin

Complete Thermal, Corrosion and Acoustic Solution for the Transportation Industry

CIC Rhinoskin Logo
  • Thermal Insulation from the engine, transmission, exhaust system and solar gain.
  • Reduces Noise from the engine, road and other annoying rattles and irritating vibrations
  • Protection from Corrosion and Rust caused by moisture in the air and from the road.
  • Insulates to block heat transfer and lower ambient temperature for metal buildings and shipping containers.
For Use On:
  • Muscle Hot Rods
  • Recreational Vehicles
  • Commercial Vehicles
  • Refrigeration Trucks
  • Semi Trucks
  • Service and Delivery Vans
  • Metal Buildings
  • Shipping Containers
  • Metal Container Homes
CIC on the interior of a Metal Building

Metal Building Example.

CIC Rhinoskin is ideal insulation for metal buildings providing superior thermal insulation with only 1 mm thickness.

Common applications include:
  • Running boards
  • Floorboards - protect against heat from the transmission and exhaust system
  • Headliners
  • Front kick panels
  • Firewalls - protect against heat from the engine
  • Inside doors
  • Trunk area
  • Fenders
  • Roof Tops – protect against solar gain
  • Walls, roofs and flooring of metal containers