Dependable Solutions


Dan Bechtel grew up in the construction industry. In 1989, he opened up his own company Dan Bechtel Maintenance Services which provided janitorial and handyman services in the Temecula Valley for Real Estate companies. In 1995 he got his Contractor’s License and this progressed to Bechtel Properties Services, Inc offering construction and maintenance services to commercial and residential properties throughout Southern California. Dan believes that you should always be reinventing yourself and your business to keep up with new trends and technologies.

In 2021 the company was rebranded to Dependable Solutions and expanded the customer base.

With 32 years of experience, Dependable Solutions can provide a diverse range of services in the construction industry focusing on three different target markets.  By providing the same services to a variety of customers, Dependable Solutions has been able to build a strong team of experienced technicians.

Senior Living:  Senior Living Facilities, Memory Care Facilities, and 55+ Communities.  Dependable Solutions understands the special needs and requirements to provide specialized service for 55+ residents.  Working closely with the maintenance coordinators and executive directors we can meet the specific construction needs for each facility.

Prevailing Wage:  Cities, States and Government facilities which require their jobs to meet prevailing wage laws.  Dependable Solutions is experienced in meeting the DIR requirements.

Facility Services: Working with building owners and property managers for industrial and commercial properties, apartments, HOA’s, and Multi-family dwellings.

Dependable solutions focus on three aspects of the construction industry. 

  1. Construction focuses on remodel of an existing suite or building of a new structure.
  2. Repair is required when something is not working for example electricity or plumbing.
  3. Maintenance is the process of keeping all parts of building/facilities in good working condition.

Check out our website for more information on the services provided and to view some of our recently completed projects.