Deep Energy Solutions solves real world Energy Conservation and Facility Maintenance Issues through the proper application and use of Fluid Applied Thermal Barriers

Mission Statement:

Solving real world facility maintenance issues with a fluid applied thermal barrier to lower thermal heat loading, stop air leakage and increase energy efficiency.

Other Benefits of CIC:

  • An application of CIC will lower thermal heat load, stop air leakage, save energy,
  • Make buildings more comfortable
  • Save money
  • Reduce facilities maintenance cost by extending the life of the substrate.
  • CIC is applied with a minimal disruption to the customer extending the life of the facility.
  • Not effected by moisture
  • Lower the temperature in a hot room or area of a building
  • Eliminates Rust
  • Prevents corrosion under insulation
  • Class A Fire Rated

Find out how this will work for your situation by testing the product is with one of our Application Kits.

Select the Application Method for your project:

Recommended for Projects up to 150 square feet.
Recommended for small Projects with areas of less than 75 sq ft. Excellent for touch ups, spot jobs and small pipes or tubes.
Recommended when a textured finish is desired.
Recommended for large projects.


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