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Any California Public Entity can now be purchased CIC through CMAS

CONTRACT # 4-18-56-0077A

CMAS TERM DATES:  11/28/2017 –  8/31/2023


PHONE:      (951) 344-1243


 This CMAS approval now makes purchasing and installing ACS CIC 4.0 (CIC) very simple and easy to do for any California public entity. A buyer can now purchase directly from Deep Energy Solutions for product only. The school or municipality may still have to go out to bid for the application of the product and other work connected to the application.  Product is purchased with a purchase order to Deep Energy Solutions, the CMAS vendor. There are no legal issues whatsoever.

If you are not familiar with the CMAS procedures and benefits, here is a quick summary:

  • CMAS is a legal contract between the State of California and Deep Energy Solutions, allowing a direct purchase to be made without the need for a public bid.
  • Deep Energy Solutions and the customer agree on price and terms with an upper limit specified in the CMAS contract.
  • The customer sends a P.O. to Deep Energy Solutions for the amount of the contract. The P.O. should contain any specifics such as required delivery date,
  • Once the P.O. is received, the project is officially executed. There is no contract with CMAS, only the PO from the school or municipality.

CMAS Benefits:

  • The contract simplifies the purchasing process for the California public entity. There is no longer the need to formulate detailed bid documents and write product specifications.
  • Allows the facility maintenance division, architect/designer and the owner to concentrate on other, more important aspects of the project.
  • Bid documents are now only needed to reflect specific details of the application and other related work.
  • The owner benefits by realizing cost savings due to eliminating part of the bid process and markups of product by application vendors and general contractors.
  • Eliminates unnecessary and costly protests, substitution requests and arguments with dissatisfied suppliers. Time delays are also eliminated.
  • The owner is able to obtain their chosen product at discounted market prices, without the uncertainty as well as the time required in the usual the bid process.


There are several simple and very basic steps in the CMAS purchasing process. They are:

  • The facility maintenance division or architect on the project must provide a working specification of what the customer desires. This is provided to Deep Energy Solutions.
  • Deep Energy Solutions will make up a CMAS proposal based upon the specs and plans provided by the facility maintenance division or architect.
  • The customer will then issue a Purchase Order based upon the specs and plans and Deep Energy Solutions’ CMAS proposal.
  • Deep Energy Solutions will work with the customer and architect to refine the application process, training is available if the product is to be applied by in house facilities maintenance staff.

The CMAS process, as opposed to the bidding process, is simple and has a very quick time line. Please feel free to contact Deep Energy Solutions for advice, input or any additional information you may require.


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