Key Information

ACS CIC 4.0 Ceramic Insulation Coating quickly and easily applied with a commercial grade airless sprayer, a Flex Application Spray gun or a 1 quart aluminum sprayer or can be applied with a paint brush or roller.

Summary of Key Information

Recommended Application Thickness
  • One gallon covers 25 sq feet for a 40 mil application.
  • Recommended application for insulation benifits is a tack coat of 12 mil, a second coat of 20 mil and a third coat of 8 mil for a total of 40 mils of product.
  • Exterior applciaton for reflectivity, 20 mil is recomended
  • For high temperature equipment application thickness should be between 80 and 100 mils.
  • For acoustic benefits using 30 to 40 mils is recommended.

note: 40 mil is equal to 1.016 mm or about the thickness of a quarter

Click on one of the Sprayers for instructions specific to that method.
Commercial Sprayer Application Instructions

Recommended for large projects.

Flex Spray Gun Application InstructionsCIC Flex Spray Gun

Recommended for Projects up to 150 square feet.

1 Qt Aluminum Sprayer Application Instructions

CIC 1Qt Aluminum Sprayer

Recommended for small Projects with areas of less than 75 sq ft. Excellent for touch ups, spot jobs and small pipes or tubes.

Spray Gun or Hopper Application Instructions

Recommended for areas that a textured finish is desired.

 Other Helpful Information

Tips and Techniques for Application of Ceramic Coating:

Mixing Instructions