Deep Energy Solutions

Asphalt Roof

ACS CIC 4.0 was applied on top of asphalt shingles to block solar heat loading

Product: ACS CIC 4.0
Date: September 2019
Goal: Reduce Solar Heat Loading, reduce HVAC run time, and make the home more comfortable.

Deep Energy Solutions applied ACS CIC 4.0 to an asphalt roof in Warner Springs, CA. This increased the thermal insulation of the roof, extended the life of the shingles, looks great and makes the house cooler. The coating was both sprayed and rolled on to a thickness of 40 mil which is about the thickness of a quarter. Lighter colors are better for reflection of the sun’s ultraviolet rays, so this application of CIC was tinted to a light brown color to coordinate with the color of the house. The homeowner is very pleased with the results. The summer of 2019 had many days where the daytime temperatures were over 100°F and the insulated roof made the inside of this home cooler and required less run time on the air conditioning unit.