Deep Energy Solutions

Riverside Office Building

To block heat loading from exposure to the sun on metal panels on the exterior walls.

Product:ACS CIC 4.0
Goal:Reduce Solar Heat Load, Reduce Thermal Heat Transfer, Lower the interior temperature of the warehouse.


This is a metal building that is being used as a warehouse. The building gets uncomfortably warm when the sun heats up the medal and radiates into the building. During a remodel a 40 mil application of ACS CIC 4.0 was installed. The first coat was a tack coat of 12 mil, the second coat was 20 mil and the final coat was will be 8 to 10 mil. 40 mil is 1 mm or about the thickness of a quarter.

ACS CIC 4.0 was applied with a Graco Gmax II 5900 Gas Airless Paint Sprayer using a 624 tip for the first 2 coats and 621 tip for the final coat. The metal beams were sprayed to create a continuous membrane and prevent thermal bridging. It was easily sprayed in irregular areas.