Deep Energy Solutions

Advanced Formula

The technology is a specially designed advanced formula of Ceramic Insulation Coating. It is highly saturated with tiny ceramic particles (82%-85%) and high-quality polymers in a latex base. It is easily applied as a one part spray on coating.

CIC’s effectiveness is based on resisting all three types of heat transfer – radiation, conductivity and convection and is used as a continuous membrane to provide a thermal, air, vapor and moisture barrier to create a complete air sealing solution on the exterior surface of rigid HVAC ducting

CIC relies on the tightly bound ceramic particles and very thin air gaps in each application layer to dramatically slow conductive heat transfer.

CIC works differently than traditional insulation blankets or foam that rely predominantly on a thick layer to slow heat transfer. R Values are based on the mass of the insulation. CIC provides RvE (R-Value Equivalency) comparable to R9 – R15 with just 40 mill or 1mm thickness.

This allows CIC to be effective despite lack of mass by using layers of concentrated ceramic particles interspersed with thin air layers. It is very resistance is to radiant heat transfer, particularly infrared-based solar heat radiation that can warm surfaces far above ambient temperature.

CIC’s high resistance to air circulation’s convection cooling effect are especially valuable for warming cold surfaces and preventing condensation which leads to rust and corrosion. Its ability to control condensation makes it very useful for HVAC equipment and ducting.