Welcome to Deep Energy Solutions bringing you three Spray-on Ceramic Insulation Coating Products, CIC Heat Block, CIC Boost and CIC Rhinoskin.  These products increase energy efficiency for the Building Envelope / HVAC / Automotive / Commercial / Marine and Industrial industries by addressing all three types of heat transfer.

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CIC Boost

CIC Boost App Kit with Sprayer

CIC Boost Application Kit with 1 Qt Aluminum Sprayer

Sales price: $245.00
Price / kg:

CIC Boost App Kit with Flex Gun

CIC Boost Application Kit with CIC Flex Application Spray ...

Sales price: $245.00
Price / kg:

Boost 2 Gallons

Spray on Ceramic Insulation Coating for Rigid HVAC Ducting

Sales price: $130.00
Price / kg: