Rhinoskin 2 Gallons

Rhinoskin 2 Gallons
Spray on Insulation Coating for the Automotive Industry
Rhinoskin 2 Gallons
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Complete Thermal, Corrosion and Acoustic Solution for the Automotive Industry

  • Thermal Insulation from the engine, transmission, exhausts system and solar gain.
  • Reduces Noise from the engine, road and other annoying rattles and irritating vibrations.
  • Protection from Corrosion and Rust caused by moisture in the air and from the road.

2 Gallons
Coverage: 45-55 square feet per gallon at 20 mils (0.020”/0.5mm)
40 mils is recommended for most applications, applied in thin coats
72 hours is required for the full curing time.
Formula: ACS CIC 4.0
Water Cleanup
Class A Fire Rated