Building Envelope

ACS CIC 4.0 is a one-part, spray-on Ceramic Insulation Coating for the Building Envelope.

Addresses all three types of heat transfer- Conduction, Convection and Radiation.  It reflects 97% of solar radiation, lowers the temperature of hot machinery, insulates against ambient temperatures, and eliminates condensation.  It provides a continuous membrane that is effective as:

  • Air Barrier to control air leakage into and out of the building envelope
  • Thermal Barrier to block the transfer of heat or cold
  • Vapor Barrier to block Moisture and Condensation
  • Acoustic Barrier to dampen noise

ACS CIC 4.0 has been used effectively to reduce energy costs when used in the building envelope and helps achieve anywhere from 2 - 14 points on the LEED rating systems.

Cinder Block Wall

ACS CIC 4.0 was applied to this cinder block wall to block solar heat loading that was radiating into the interior.

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CIC Heat Block on Riverside Office Building
Commercial Building

To block heat loading from exposure to the sun on metal panels on the exterior walls.

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Metal Building

ACS CIC 4.0 is an ideal insulation for a metal building or shipping container. It add an R-Value Equivalency of R9 -R15 with only 1 mm thickness.

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Asphalt Roof

ACS CIC 4.0 was applied on top of asphalt shingles to block solar heat loading

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