03 Mixing:

The coating should mix to a “marshmallow mousse” or “loose pudding” consistency within 30-45 seconds at a medium stir speed. The coating is formulated for high solids content to maximize coverage and performance using airless spray equipment. For use with the small siphon sprayer, mix with 2 oz. of water per quart or 68 ml to a liter.

  • Small Mixing PaddleHold the pail on the floor, securing it with your feet. Use the type of stir paddle shown at right. Use the reverse setting of a 1/2" (12mm) size drill motor or air driven motor. Other types of paddles may be used. However, this type is the most suitable. Key is using a slow speed setting and in reverse. This helps prevent scraping of plastic shards from the inside of the pail and their clogging the spray gun. With an air-driven mixing motor, it is possible to "crimp" the air line with your hand to slow the motor speed down.
  • Push the stir paddle down into the pail. Then push up and down to the top and bottom of pail without turning on the motor yet. Then slowly turn the motor in reverse and scrape off the sidewalls at the same time. When all the material is loosened off the sides, a slightly higher (medium) speed can be used for mixing contents. After 30-45 seconds of medium speed stirring the contents should resemble a pudding or tapioca or marshmallow mousse consistency suitable for spraying. If the coating is still too thick to spray, add 1/2 a cup (0.10 liters) of water, at most, to the 5 gallon container and mix again. On material that has been in the pail for up to a year, up to 1/2 liter may be added to loosen the coating and mix into a smooth consistency. If coating is overly stiff due to cold conditions, use no more than 4-8 ounces of water per pail to loosen up the coating consistency. The small application sprayer may need 2 ounces of water per quart.