06 Standards and Practices for Tinting:

  1. Apply Ceramic Coating white color for first coat! Tint final top color.
  2. For Gray color - Use approx 1 oz of black tint for one five-gallon pail. Be sure to measure how much tint is added and then use this same amount on additional pails. There is a point in which the coating will not achieve any darker appearance and you are just wasting tint.
  3. If tinting, it is best to pour tint into premixed pail.
  4. Be sure to agitate briefly to mix tint into ACS CIC 4.0 Ceramic Insulation Coating
  5. Using a hopper (such as a 55 gallon drum or plastic container of 20 gallons) will make for a more uniform color.
  6. Pour tinted container into hopper until approximately 3 five-gallon pails worth of material are in hopper. Agitate hopper with paddle. This will blend the color to give an even shade of gray. It is also easier to spray out of this hopper system than if mixing and spraying out of five gallon pails.