09 Top-coating Standards and Practices for Ceramic Coating:

  1. With top coating it is vital to check to insure the topcoat is compatible for the type of application. Topcoats may affect performance of insulation qualities if they are denser and more heat conductive. The normal procedure is to add an additional coat of the coating prior to using a topcoat.
  2. Make sure that Ceramic Coating has cured for 36-48 hours prior to any topcoat. This will insure that the coating has fully dried and will not affect any topcoat. Shorter wait times may be appropriate depending on the timing and thicknesses of the initial application. If the ceramic coating was applied systemically in 12 mil wet film thicknesses and allowed to thoroughly dry, then a 24 hour wait period may be OK.
  3. Since Ceramic Coating has a slight porous profile, no other prep is needed. The topcoat can be sprayed directly onto Ceramic Coating. The substrate needs to be free of dirt, dust and grime prior to application. This can be accomplished by a light air sweep.