Deep Energy Solutions

Asphalt Roof

To block heat loading from a residential asphalt roof with a grit finish

Product: ACS CIC 4.0
Goal: Reduce Solar Heat Load, Seal duct joints, eliminate corrosion

ACS CIC 4.0 was applied to an Asphalt Roof with Grit Finish at 20 mils/0.5mm Dry Film Thickness.

Before and after temperatures were taken with a Fluke 52 II Thermometer with Twin Probe Type Thermocouple on July 6, 2015. It was 85˚F Ambient Temperature Day with High Cloud Conditions.

The uncoated roof temperature was 118.1˚F. CIC coated roof temperature = 94.7˚F, for a total difference = 23.4˚F. This reduction in heat has made a world of difference to the comfort level in this house.