ACS CIC 4.0 App Kit with Sprayer


5-gallon of ACS CIC 4.0 plus all the rest listed


• 1 Qt Heavy Duty Aluminum Sprayer
• Small Mixing Paddle
• Wet Mil Gage
• 5 Gallons of ACS CIC 4.0
• Application Instructions

5 Gallons
Coverage: 250 square feet at 20 mils (0.020”/0.5mm)
20 mil is recommended for reflectivity, rust and corrosion protection.
40 mils is recommended for insulation, reflectivity, rust and corrosion protection, thermal heat load reduction properties, and many more. Apply first coat 12-mil and 20-mil thereafter.
72 hours is required for the full curing time.
Water Cleanup
Class A Fire Rated


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