Deep Energy Solutions

Asphalt Roof

Asphalt Roof To block heat loading from a residential asphalt roof with a grit finish Product: ACS CIC 4.0 Goal: Reduce Solar Heat Load, Seal duct joints, eliminate corrosion DOWNLOAD PDF ACS CIC 4.0 was applied to an Asphalt Roof with Grit Finish at 20 mils/0.5mm Dry Film Thickness. Before and after temperatures were taken […]

Rigid HVAC Ducting at Murrieta Public Library

Rigid HVAC Ducting at Murrieta Public Library Pilot Program in cooperation with The City of Murrieta, Southern California Edison and Deep Energy Solutions. ACS CIC 4.0 was applied to the HVAC ducting Reduce Solar Heat Loading, Seal Duct Joints and Eliminate Rust and Corrosion Product: ACS CIC 4.0Goal: Reduce Solar Heat Load, Seal duct […]

O’Hara Seafoods Roof

O’Hara Seafoods Roof CIC applied to the roof top to eliminate solar heat loading that added 30F (17C) to the building roof. Product: ACS CIC 4.0Date: 2016Goal: Prevent Solar Heat Loading DOWNLOAD PDF O’Hara Seafoods Roof – ACS Ceramic Insulation Coating for Solar Heat Loading O’Hara Seafoods applied 30 mils (0.75mm) of ACS Ceramic Insulation […]

Riverside Office Building

Riverside Office Building To block heat loading from exposure to the sun on metal panels on the exterior walls. Product:ACS CIC 4.0Goal:Reduce Solar Heat Load, Reduce Thermal Heat Transfer, Lower the interior temperature of the warehouse. DOWNLOAD PDF REDUCE HEAT LOAD CAUSED BY SOLAR RADIATION This is a metal building that is being used as […]

Metal Warehouse

Metal Warehouse ACS CIC 4.0 was applied to the interior of a Metal Warehouse to block solar heat loading and thermal heat transfer. Product: ACS CIC 4.0Date:05/15/2015Goal:Reduce Solar Heat Load DOWNLOAD PDF ACS CIC 4.0 Reduces Riverside Building Temperature by 20˚F Metal panels on two exterior walls of this Riverside, CA office building were coated […]

Industrial Solutions

Industrial Solutions ACS CIC 4.0 has been used for solar heat load reduction insulation of steam lines, condensation prevention and multiple other industrial uses. Product: ACS CIC 4.0Date:2012Goal:Variety of projects to reduce heat load OIL STORAGE TANKS: Insulation coating is typically used on heavy oil storage tanks maintaining contents temperatures ranging from 140F (60C) to […]

Trader John’s Fruit Stand

Trader John’s Fruit Stand To detemine the effect of the coating to reduce heat compared to white and dark paint. Product: ACS CIC 4.0Date:09/19/2012Goal:Reduce Solar Heat Load DOWNLOAD PDF Trader Johns is a fruit stand located in a 2,100 square foot corrugated metal-skinned storage shed near Wenatchee in Eastern Washington State. The building has a […]

Trident Seafoods M/V Sea Trader

Trident Seafoods M/V Sea Trader This application of ACS CIC 4.0 is on the M/V Sea Trader to insulate internal plate and stiffeners in the crew quarters area of the bow. Product:ACS CIC 4.0Goal: Reduce Solar Heat Load, Prevent Rust and Corrosion Trident Seafoods M/V Sea Trader – Ceramic Insulation Coating on Interior Structure This […]


LEUSD HVAC Ducting ACS CIC 4.0 was applied to the HVAC ducting that is located full sun subjecting it to solar heat loading Product: ACS CIC 4.0Date: 07/21/2016Goal: Prevent Solar Heat Loading DOWNLOAD PDF REDUCE SOLAR HEAT LOADING TO EXTERIOR RIGID HVAC DUCTING Many HVAC ducts are located outdoors either on rooftops or at ground […]

Toyo Production Plant

Toyo Production Plant Roof top and exterior wall application to reduce cost of air conditioning Product: ACS CIC 4.0Date:07/06/2015Goal:Reduce Solar Heat Load DOWNLOAD PDF their silicon glass diode production facility in Kofu, Japan. The method selected for reducing power cost of air conditioning was radiant barrier insulation coating applied on the rooftop. Roof top and […]